Todas las órdenes realizadas antes del 10 de febrero serán enviadas a más tardar el lunes 12 de febrero. Todos los pedidos se envían a todo el mundo con FedEx Priority, lo que normalmente significa que recibirá su paquete un día después de que salga de nuestro Atelier.Si bien FedEx se enorgullece de su apretado cronograma de entrega, le recomendamos que ordene sus regalos de San Valentín con anticipación para asegurarse de recibirlos a tiempo.

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Le Olive x Fight cancer x Mandy

Hi I'm Mandy, 25 years old and after a struggle of a year and a half, I just recovered from cancer. I know better than anyone what it is like to have cancer and how important research is, especially among young people with cancer. They need better guidance and more specific care. From Le Olive and Fight cancer I received this beautiful blue bathrobe with my own name. In addition, I was allowed to embroider a bathrobe myself in the Atelier of Le Olive for someone close to my heart. Marloes is terminally ill and can absolutely use this lovely soft bathrobe to feel comfortable at home.

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Do you also support this campaign?

I fully support this beautiful collaboration between Le Olive and Fight cancer where 100% of the proceeds of this bathrobe are donated to Fight cancer. I hope you support this campaign as much as I do and that we can donate as much money as possible to this important foundation. You can read more about the collaboration here.

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